Best Supercapacitor Jump Starter review

July 17, 2023

Earlier, a jump starter was just a set of confusing cables a professional could use to start your car. You would need to call for assistance and wait for them, potentially ruining all your plans.

Then, there were options with batteries that were bulky and difficult to use if you're not a professional. But now, thanks to technological progress, there are lightweight, portable, and incredibly powerful options on the market. They are so small you can put them in an emergency kit. Not to mention such a device can start your car in minutes.

To familiarize you with the topic, we've prepared not 3, not 5, but 7 best supercapacitor jump starter options for you. Some are better for freezing or hot temperatures, while others are on the TOP list for their overall value. To get an insight into the benefits of supercapacitor jump starters, proceed to the Buyer's Guide right after the list. There, we answer some popular questions by buyers and talk more about the specifics of such devices.

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autowit SuperCap 2 Jump Starter – Best Super Capacitor Car Jump Starter - Check price

autowit SuperCap 2 Jump Starter

A problem with your vehicle's engine can occur at any time. Quite often, it's a flat battery, but it's not an issue anymore because you can use this easy, lightweight supercapacitor jump starter. This Autowit model doesn't need internal batteries to work; it's safe and doesn't produce sparks that can lead to an explosion.

This supercapacitor jump starter is a relatively new Kickstarter project introduced in June, 2020

It has a mistake-proof design, so even a complete beginner can use it with ease.

Safe Use

The SuperCap 2 model protects you from sparks and wrong terminal connections. When in a hurry, it's easy to connect the starter in the wrong way, but this one will still charge and help you get back on the road. The reverse polarity function will do everything for you.

The device is also protected from overload, overvoltage, and overcurrent. It doesn't need internal batteries to work, which improves its safety and eliminates hazards connected to lithium-ion batteries. There's no cracking, swelling, or explosion hazard.

Long Life and Wide Temperature Range

The device will work well in temperatures from -40F to 158F. No blizzard or snowstorm will affect its effectiveness negatively. Besides, the supercapacitors used in the design are of very high quality, lasting for over 10 years and 100,000 charging cycles.

You don't need to recharge the device at home or maintain it in any other way. It absorbs the energy that's left in your car battery and amplifies it to jump start the vehicle.

Wide Range of Use

You can use the device for:

Any vehicle that has a 12 V battery and a gas (up to 7l) or diesel (up to 4l) engine can be jump-started with this supercapacitor device.

What You Get in the Package

Here's what you get for the money:

You also get a 1-year warranty for the device from the manufacturer.

How to Use

The company provides detailed instructions on the use of the device in the user guide. Here's a short version:

  1. Charge the starter with your car battery or any other device:
    1. Car battery - 3 minutes;
    2. Cigarette lighter - 5 minutes;
    3. Power bank - about 45 minutes.
  2. Attach the clamps to the terminals of the battery (Red is +, Black is -);
  3. Wait for a short buzz; this means the device is charging;
  4. Wait for a longer buzz; this means the device is charged;
  5. Press the Discharge button; it will start a 10-second countdown;
  6. Wait for the continuous buzz and jump start the vehicle.


Reviewers say it works as advertised, which isn't a frequent statement. There are certain limitations, like difficulties or impossibility of jump-starting completely dead batteries, but buyers know about this before the purchase.

The unit is very safe and sturdy, suitable for beginners and professionals alike. It's powerful, durable, and portable, which are the three main qualities you have to consider before making the final choice.



Schumacher DSR ProSeries DSR108 – Great Value – Check price

Schumacher DSR ProSeries DSR108

If you're looking for the best combination of functions for a reasonable price, this starter might be your best choice. It's suitable for both diesel and gas engines and packed with functions. Controlled by a microprocessor, it doesn't need internal batteries, which also means no maintenance.

It's safe and easy to use, providing a long service life and a minimum margin of mistake.

Wide Range of Functions

This device has an override mode to start your engine without a mounted battery. This makes sure you can get back on the road in any situation. Cold starts are also available via the glow mode.

The starter incorporates short circuit and reverse polarity protection, so you don't have to worry about connecting it wrong. There's no fire hazard; just keep the device in your car for emergency situations.

Quick Charge and Durability

The starter charges in 2 minutes maximum in one of the following ways:

Keep in mind that charging from a power bank may need more time.

The device is 10 times more durable than conventional jump starters; it's smarter, safer, and easier to use. You'll need around 10 minutes for the whole operation if the charging is longer than 2 minutes. The device will charge even from a nearly dead battery (2-3 V left).

What You Get in the Package

Here's what you will receive:


The model is highly portable and lightweight. The user manual is very detailed and suitable for beginners. This device's durability is impressive, and if it's your first supercapacitor jump starter, you'll be pleasantly surprised. It saves time and worries in emergency situations.

Compared to conventional battery-powered jump starters, it's extremely fast and requires no maintenance whatsoever. Over 10 years of life and 10,000 and more cycles of use sound like a solid #1 choice.



Rezervo Jump Starter RZ-300mini – Best Lightweight Option

Rezervo Jump Starter RZ-300mini

If you're looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use, safe supercapacitor jump starter, this might be it. The Rezervo RZ-300 mini requires no maintenance; it's durable, temperature and damage-resistant, and requires only 3 steps to jump start your car.

Safe and Weather-Resistant Design

The device operates without losing its effectiveness in temperatures from -30F to +140F. The rubber casing around the starter protects it from falls, hits, and other kinds of damage. It also has a safe short circuit and reverse polarity, so if you connect it to the wrong terminal, it won't break or damage the vehicle (and yourself).

No Maintenance and Instant Recharging

The device requires no maintenance. You don't have to recharge it at home; just make sure you have it in the car when a problem occurs. Supercapacitors don't hold power for a long time, so charging it at home beforehand makes no sense.

When needed, connect it to the vehicle battery or another power source, and it will recharge in a minute or two, depending on the source you're using. You don't have to wait for hours for a full charge like with regular batteries.

Ease of Use

There are three steps to perform before you're ready to go:

  1. Connect the clamps included in the package to the terminals of your car battery;
  2. Switch the charger on and wait until the 14 V LED indicator stops blinking;
  3. Jump start the car.

The starter is very simple to understand, suitable for beginners and professionals alike. It's great for cold starts and has an LED light that will help you find the right terminals on the battery.

There's also an alarm that will buzz when the charge is full, or you need to use an override function. A convenient LCD display shows you what the battery voltage is, how much the device is charged, whether reverse polarity or override functions are in use.


This is a great mini version of a batteryless jump starter with a few improvements like an LCD screen. It's convenient and easy to use, which is a major advantage for regular drivers. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn't state the estimated number of cycles you can perform, but the device is quite durable.

Keep in mind that you'll need some power to use the device, so make sure the battery has at least 5 V left, or you have a laptop, phone, etc. to recharge the supercapacitor. It's really convenient as you don't have to remember to recharge it at home or predict if there's going to be a problem with your car. Just leave the device inside the vehicle and use it whenever needed.



Rezervo Jump Starter RZ-550 – A More Powerful Extreme Weather Option

Rezervo Jump Starter RZ-550

This is a more powerful alternative to the previous mini version of a jump starter. It has an average of 550 A and is ready to get all the energy left in your battery to jump start the vehicle. The device is suitable both for DIY and professional car service use. With proper storage, you can expect it to serve you for 10+ years.

No Maintenance and Ease of Use

This Rezervo supercapacitor jump starter is maintenance-free. You don't need to remember to recharge it since it's easily charged from anything with a power output you have nearby. The device recharges in less than a minute if you have sufficient power or a couple of minutes if the power source is weak. It will get electricity from all corners of your battery to successfully jump start the vehicle.

Extreme Temperatures and Damage Resistance

The device is drop-resistant due to its tough rubber casing. It can also work well in extreme temperatures of -30F to +140F. Don't worry about being stuck during a snowstorm or in the middle of a desert.

The starter is also very safe due to its short circuit and reverse polarity. Even if you mistake a terminal and connect the device to the wrong one, there will be no damage done to it, yourself, or the vehicle.

How to Use

The manufacturer provides very clear guidelines as to the use of their supercapacitor jump starter:

  1. Connect the starter to a 12 V battery or another power source using the clamps provided in the package. The device will turn on by itself and show you the voltage of the battery;
  2. Switch it on, and it will start recharging, showing you its voltage;
  3. Wait for the "Ready to Start" status as the 14 V indicator stops blinking;
  4. Start the engine.

That's it! Leave the starter in your vehicle and don't worry about recharging it at home. There are no batteries and no explosion hazard. The batteryless construction offers very fast charging and works well for cold starts.


Again, there's no information as to the number of cycles you can perform with the device. However, Reservo jump starters have proven to be durable, so this shouldn't be a major issue. This one is quite powerful, very easy to use, and understandable even for a complete beginner.

It really works well in cold and hot weather, so if you need a rugged ally to save you during tough times, this might be the one.



OzCharge RescueMate Super Capacitor Jump Starter – Best batteryless Jump Starter

OzCharge RescueMate

While all supercapacitor jump starters are quite easy to use, when you're a beginner, an extra convenient model is needed. This OzCharge RescueMate starter was awarded as the 'Best New Safety Product of 2018' In Vegas at the AAPEX / SEMA annual show. You don't need batteries for it, as well as no recharging, so it's a zero-maintenance model.

No Maintenance

The supercapacitors in this model store large amounts of energy and are ready to discharge it quickly to your vehicle. To charge, the device uses super-low voltages, so even if your car battery is almost dead, there will be enough power for charging. There are other ways to charge the device, so you don't need to remember to recharge it at home.

This is a great option for travelers as you can leave the jump starter in the car 365 days a year. It has an amperage of 750 A and charges in 1 minute.

Ease of Use and Functionality

Even a flat battery contains some energy. It's not enough to start the car, but oftentimes, it's enough to charge a supercapacitor. This particular model is super-easy to use. All you have to do is to charge it from:

Then, press the "Run" button and wait for the countdown. When time runs out, you'll hear the buzzer, and the device will burst all the energy it has accumulated into the vehicle for you to jump start the car.

The device is suitable for both gas and diesel engines with a capacity up to 8l.

What You Get in the Package

The package is full, so you won't need to buy anything separately:


As with the two previous models, we couldn't find any definitive information on the number of cycles the device can perform. However, you can expect durability and safety from the device. It's very easy to use and has a 100% success rate if you have something to charge it from.

The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty for the product and encourages buyers to contact them if there are any questions or concerns.



SP Tools SP61074 Ultra Capacitor Jump Starter – Great Multifunctionality

SP Tools SP61074

Several ways of charging, high protection, Hi-power LED flashlight, both gas and diesel engines operation. These are only a few benefits you can get with this SP Tools ultracapacitor. It's portable and easy to use.

High Functionality

The device is suitable for:

No worries about the use in different vehicles; just find out their engine types and capacities beforehand.

This ultracapacitor charges completely in 45 seconds, given the electricity current is suitable. The process may take longer, but not more than a couple of minutes. Besides, there are 4 sources you can use to charge the device, including USB connection to any other device, car cigarette lighter, etc.

Intelligent Display

The model comes with an intelligent LCD display that provides information about the status of the battery and its voltage.

You can also benefit from a protective rubber sleeve that improves damage resistance of the device, as well as a powerful LED flashlight for successful work at night.

Ease of Use

If your battery has 5 V left, you won't need any additional power sources. This will be enough to charge the supercapacitor inside the device and jump start your car.

The use is very simple:

  1. Connect the device to your vehicle battery;
  2. Check the health status of the battery to see how much power it has left and whether it will be enough for the supercapacitor jump starter;
  3. Charge the device;
  4. Jump start the car with a short, powerful burst of energy.


The supplier offers high-quality automotive tools in the US, including such great supercapacitor jump starters. This model comes at a reasonable price, and it's very functional. We loved the display; it's easy to understand and always visible. The flashlight is a sweet bonus that becomes quite important when you're stuck in the dark.



ZHIGAY C-158 1000A Jump Starter – Best Power for the Money

ZHIGAY C-158 1000A

The most powerful version on the list, this supercapacitor jump starter offers operation at 1000 A peak current. The manufacturer guarantees advanced cranking power with a longer duration than that of a regular device. Perform multiple jumps per one charge without worries about the lack of power.

The model also offers great longevity with up to 100,000 cycles.

Major Features

Here are a few reference points to let you know how great this device is:

The device has everything you need and even more for a completely safe and convenient operation.

Convenience of Use

C-158 is very convenient in operation and storage. High and low temperatures don't affect its performance negatively, so the device isn't very demanding when it comes to storing it.

In the package, you'll also find a 20" cable, which allows for a sufficient reach for all kinds of vehicles. The Grade Hot Jaw clams that are also included in the package are able to penetrate corrosion on the surface, providing an excellent connection.

Durable Elements

Everything in the package is highly robust and durable. You already know about the powerful clamps that can operate through corroded parts. The device is manufactured with one goal: delivering as much power to a stuck vehicle in one go as possible. This allows for 100% success in jump-starting your car.

Batteries Needed

The most important thing you have to remember is that this device needs batteries in order to work. They are not included in the package. The batteries are high-performance ones, so you shouldn't worry about the starter being dead when you need it the most. Everything in the package is designed for high performance and exceptional power density.

What's in the Package

Here's what you're getting in the package:

You also get a 2-year warranty for the device. If there are any questions, be sure to contact the manufacturer for answers.


The device is universal, suitable for most vehicles, no matter the shape and size. It withstands damage and high/low temperatures, which makes it even more versatile. While offering so much power and functionality, this supercapacitor jump starter comes at an affordable price.

The user manual is very detailed, which we've found very convenient.



Supercapacitor Jump Starter Buyer's Guide

A supercapacitor jump starter is a powerful device that can jump-start a car with a dead battery in seconds. It uses supercapacitors to store energy and deliver high currents for short periods, making it a reliable and convenient tool for emergency situations. This guide will help you understand the key factors to consider when buying a supercapacitor jump starter and provide you with some of the best options available in the market.

1. Capacitance and Peak Current:

The capacitance (measured in Farads) and peak current (measured in Amps) determine the performance of a supercapacitor jump starter. Higher capacitance and peak current values mean a more powerful jump starter that can handle larger engines and tougher conditions. Check the manufacturer's specifications and ensure that the jump starter is suitable for your vehicle's engine size.

One of the main advantages of supercapacitor jump starters is their quick charging time. A quality supercapacitor jump starter should charge fully in 3-5 minutes. Some models can even charge in less than a minute using the power from a weak battery. Consider a jump starter with a fast charging time for added convenience.

3. Compatibility and Voltage:

Most cars operate on a 12V electrical system, but some heavy-duty vehicles use 24V systems. Ensure that the supercapacitor jump starter you choose is compatible with your vehicle's voltage requirements. Some models offer dual-voltage compatibility, which can be a handy feature if you own or work with multiple types of vehicles.

4. Safety Features:

A reliable supercapacitor jump starter should have built-in safety features such as reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, and over-temperature protection. These features will help prevent accidents and damage to your vehicle or jump starter during use.

5. Portability and Durability:

Choose a jump starter that is compact, lightweight, and easy to store in your vehicle. A durable build with shock-resistant casing will ensure your device can withstand rough handling and last for a long time.

6. Additional Features:

Some supercapacitor jump starters come with extra features such as built-in LED lights for emergency use, USB ports for charging electronic devices, and air compressors for inflating tires. These added features can be helpful in various situations, but keep in mind that they may also increase the price of the jump starter.

FAQ on the Use of Supercapacitor Jump Starters

If you need more information, the following answers to the most frequently asked questions will help.

How does a supercapacitor jump starter provide power to the vehicle battery if there's no battery in the device?

The device uses power from your car cigarette lighter, a residue power left in the batter, or another source. There should be clear instructions in the user manual that comes in the package. Different models need different amounts of power from the battery or another source to jump start a car.

When using it for the first time, make sure the manual is somewhere nearby so that you can guide yourself through the process.

What USB cable should I use for charging?

It's either micro USB or standard USB. The cable often comes in the package, so there's nothing to worry about. But if it's not, find out what kind of cable you will need in advance to see if you have one or can purchase one as soon as possible.

Domestic or foreign manufacture?

Both niches have a lot of great models. However, most buyers tend to stick to domestic manufacture. Meeting the requirements, most reliable American brands use domestic materials, workforce, and locations to create such devices.

Some reviewers state that they wouldn't buy Chinese devices, thinking they are of poor quality. We haven't used a lot of China-manufactured appliances, but we understand that buying domestic products helps support the economy as well.

What is used to charge this if your battery is dead?

If the battery is fully dead, you will need another device that holds electricity to charge your jump starter. It can be anything that is connectable via USB (a power bank, etc.). You'll need it for several minutes just to jump start the vehicle.


All the items we've mentioned on the list have been tested and provided amazing results. The supercapacitor jump starter technology proves to be helpful time after time, buyer after buyer.

While you need to get used to it and have something to charge it with while on the go, the tech is very easy to use and provides a high level of comfort. It's time-saving and cost-effective as well!

In the future, we may see new improvements in such devices. Maybe you won't need to have a power bank with you, and it will be possible to jump start your car using solar-battery-powered jump starters. We'll see!