All tire sizes

This page shows all tire sizes that fit the vehicles in our database. If you know the size, choose from the list below. If you don't know the dimensions, use our search by vehicle brand and model or read this article.

Tip: For winter, for example, experienced drivers advise buying tires with a higher profile and smaller width. The main thing is that the new size should fit perfectly.

Lifehack: To get the best quality tires for the lowest price, you can buy a set of cheap rims of a smaller diameter and smaller diameter tires. For example, cheap 17" rims + tires with our rating of over 95% can cost the same or less than 19" tires with a rating of 70% without rims.

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R15 tire sizes:

175/50 R15175/55 R15175/60 R15175/65 R15175/70 R15175/80 R15185/45 R15185/55 R15185/60 R15185/65 R15185/70 R15185/75 R15185/80 R15190/55 R15190/65 R15195/45 R15195/50 R15195/55 R15195/60 R15195/65 R15195/70 R15195/75 R15195/80 R15200/78 R15205/45 R15205/50 R15205/55 R15205/60 R15205/65 R15205/70 R15205/75 R15205/80 R15215/40 R15215/50 R15215/60 R15215/65 R15215/70 R15215/75 R15215/80 R15215/90 R15220/55 R15220/65 R15225/45 R15225/50 R15225/55 R15225/60 R15225/65 R15225/70 R15225/75 R15225/80 R15235/60 R15235/65 R15235/70 R15235/75 R15235/80 R15240/80 R15245/60 R15245/70 R15245/75 R15255/45 R15255/60 R15255/70 R15255/75 R15265/70 R15265/75 R15275/55 R15275/60 R15285/40 R15

R16 tire sizes:

175/50 R16175/55 R16175/60 R16175/80 R16185/50 R16185/55 R16185/60 R16185/65 R16185/70 R16185/75 R16185/85 R16195/40 R16195/45 R16195/50 R16195/55 R16195/60 R16195/65 R16195/70 R16195/75 R16205/40 R16205/45 R16205/50 R16205/55 R16205/60 R16205/65 R16205/70 R16205/75 R16205/80 R16215/40 R16215/45 R16215/50 R16215/55 R16215/60 R16215/65 R16215/70 R16215/75 R16215/80 R16215/85 R16225/40 R16225/45 R16225/50 R16225/55 R16225/60 R16225/65 R16225/70 R16225/75 R16225/95 R16235/50 R16235/55 R16235/60 R16235/65 R16235/70 R16235/75 R16235/80 R16235/85 R16245/40 R16245/45 R16245/50 R16245/55 R16245/60 R16245/65 R16245/70 R16245/75 R16255/50 R16255/55 R16255/60 R16255/65 R16255/70 R16265/60 R16265/65 R16265/70 R16265/75 R16275/60 R16275/70 R16285/55 R16285/70 R16285/75 R16

R17 tire sizes:

175/50 R17175/55 R17175/65 R17185/45 R17185/50 R17185/54 R17195/40 R17195/45 R17195/50 R17195/55 R17195/60 R17205/40 R17205/45 R17205/50 R17205/55 R17205/60 R17205/65 R17205/70 R17215/35 R17215/40 R17215/45 R17215/50 R17215/55 R17215/60 R17215/65 R17215/70 R17225/35 R17225/40 R17225/45 R17225/50 R17225/55 R17225/60 R17225/65 R17225/70 R17225/75 R17225/80 R17235/40 R17235/45 R17235/50 R17235/55 R17235/60 R17235/65 R17235/70 R17235/75 R17235/80 R17245/35 R17245/40 R17245/45 R17245/50 R17245/55 R17245/60 R17245/65 R17245/70 R17245/75 R17255/40 R17255/45 R17255/50 R17255/55 R17255/60 R17255/65 R17255/70 R17255/75 R17265/35 R17265/40 R17265/55 R17265/60 R17265/65 R17265/70 R17275/40 R17275/45 R17275/55 R17275/60 R17275/65 R17275/70 R17285/40 R17285/65 R17285/70 R17315/35 R17315/70 R17335/35 R17

R18 tire sizes:

175/60 R18195/50 R18195/60 R18205/35 R18205/40 R18205/45 R18205/50 R18205/55 R18215/35 R18215/40 R18215/45 R18215/50 R18215/55 R18215/60 R18215/85 R18225/35 R18225/40 R18225/45 R18225/48 R18225/50 R18225/55 R18225/60 R18225/65 R18235/30 R18235/35 R18235/40 R18235/45 R18235/50 R18235/55 R18235/60 R18235/65 R18245/35 R18245/40 R18245/45 R18245/50 R18245/55 R18245/60 R18245/65 R18245/70 R18255/35 R18255/40 R18255/45 R18255/50 R18255/55 R18255/60 R18255/65 R18255/70 R18265/35 R18265/40 R18265/45 R18265/50 R18265/55 R18265/60 R18265/65 R18265/70 R18275/35 R18275/40 R18275/45 R18275/55 R18275/60 R18275/65 R18275/70 R18285/30 R18285/35 R18285/40 R18285/45 R18285/50 R18285/55 R18285/60 R18285/65 R18285/75 R18295/30 R18295/35 R18305/30 R18305/60 R18315/30 R18315/40 R18325/30 R18325/65 R18335/30 R18345/35 R18

R19 tire sizes:

175/60 R19205/55 R19215/35 R19215/50 R19215/55 R19225/35 R19225/40 R19225/45 R19225/50 R19225/55 R19225/65 R19235/30 R19235/35 R19235/40 R19235/45 R19235/50 R19235/55 R19235/60 R19235/65 R19245/30 R19245/35 R19245/40 R19245/45 R19245/50 R19245/55 R19255/30 R19255/35 R19255/40 R19255/45 R19255/50 R19255/55 R19255/60 R19255/65 R19265/30 R19265/35 R19265/40 R19265/45 R19265/50 R19265/55 R19275/30 R19275/35 R19275/40 R19275/45 R19275/50 R19275/55 R19285/30 R19285/35 R19285/40 R19285/45 R19285/55 R19295/30 R19295/35 R19295/40 R19295/45 R19305/25 R19305/30 R19305/35 R19315/30 R19315/40 R19325/30 R19345/30 R19345/35 R19355/30 R19

R20 tire sizes:

175/55 R20195/50 R20195/55 R20215/45 R20225/30 R20225/35 R20225/40 R20225/45 R20235/30 R20235/35 R20235/40 R20235/45 R20235/50 R20235/55 R20235/60 R20245/30 R20245/35 R20245/40 R20245/45 R20245/50 R20245/60 R20255/30 R20255/35 R20255/40 R20255/45 R20255/50 R20255/55 R20255/60 R20265/25 R20265/30 R20265/35 R20265/40 R20265/45 R20265/50 R20265/55 R20265/60 R20275/25 R20275/30 R20275/35 R20275/40 R20275/45 R20275/50 R20275/55 R20275/60 R20275/65 R20285/25 R20285/30 R20285/35 R20285/40 R20285/45 R20285/50 R20285/55 R20285/60 R20295/25 R20295/30 R20295/35 R20295/40 R20295/45 R20295/50 R20305/25 R20305/30 R20305/35 R20305/40 R20305/45 R20305/55 R20315/25 R20315/30 R20315/35 R20325/25 R20325/30 R20325/35 R20335/25 R20335/30 R20345/25 R20345/30 R20

R21 tire sizes:

235/45 R21245/30 R21245/35 R21245/40 R21245/45 R21255/30 R21255/35 R21255/40 R21255/45 R21255/50 R21265/30 R21265/35 R21265/40 R21265/45 R21265/50 R21275/25 R21275/30 R21275/35 R21275/40 R21275/45 R21275/50 R21285/30 R21285/35 R21285/40 R21285/45 R21295/25 R21295/30 R21295/35 R21295/40 R21305/25 R21305/30 R21305/35 R21315/25 R21315/30 R21315/35 R21315/40 R21315/45 R21325/30 R21325/35 R21325/40 R21355/25 R21365/25 R21

R22 tire sizes:

255/30 R22255/35 R22255/40 R22255/45 R22265/30 R22265/35 R22265/40 R22265/50 R22275/30 R22275/35 R22275/40 R22275/45 R22275/50 R22285/25 R22285/30 R22285/35 R22285/40 R22285/45 R22295/30 R22295/35 R22295/40 R22305/25 R22305/30 R22305/35 R22305/40 R22305/45 R22315/25 R22315/30 R22315/35 R22325/25 R22325/35 R22325/40 R22325/50 R22325/55 R22335/25 R22

R23 tire sizes:

285/35 R23285/40 R23295/35 R23325/35 R23

R24 tire sizes:

285/35 R24295/30 R24295/35 R24305/35 R24335/30 R24