Best 205/45 R18 Tires. Rims & Conversion Info

205/45 R18 in inches

205/45 R18 tires diameter is 25.3 inches, section width is 8.1 inches and rim diameter is 18 inches. So the closest metric tire size of 205/45R18 existing size in inches is 33x10.50R18, which is 30.43% taller and 29.63% wider.

Compare 205/45 R18 vs 33x10.50R18 with our handy tire size calculator.

What rims fit 205/45 R18 tires?

For each tire size there often there are several wheel sizes. You can't put very wide tires on narrow rims or vise versa. Here is what size of the rims do you need for 205/45 R18 tires:

Rim diameter x rim width

205/45 R18 – what does it mean?

Parameter Meaning
205 The first number shows that the tire has a width of 205 millimeters or approximately 8.1 inches.
45 The second number is the aspect ratio. In this case, it is 45%. It shows the height of the tire from the ground to rim edge, which is 45% of the width or ~ 93mm
R18 The letter R means this tire is radial. Most of all tires nowadays are radial. The number is the tire diameter in inches. It means that tire will fit 18 inch wheels