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For car owners: Choosing the right tires

Tires are one of the key elements of car safety. A huge range of models and many offers to save money on their purchase force every vehicle owner to make a difficult choice when searching for their ideal set of tires
The goal of TireWheelGuide is to help our readers make an informed and right choice. We do this by publishing tire reviews and comparative tests based on our own experience, feedback from real customers and data from reputable publications around the world. We use our algorithms to process the data collected to create brief summaries of which tires are good and which ones to avoid.

For Professionals: Staying Up to Date

For more than a hundred years, the tire industry has evolved into a highly competitive field of marketing, sales and manufacturing. It employs millions of people worldwide.U.S. replacement tire shipments in 2019 were 222.6 million units for passenger cars, 32.5 million units for light trucks and SUVs, and 18.9 million units for medium-duty trucks.

We help tire industry professionals keep up to date with what's going on in the world of tires, without drowning in the vast amount of information.

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