Pirelli Ice Zero FR review

Updated on 2023-01-04

The Pirelli Ice Zero FR tire is a winter tire designed for use in urban or suburban areas and is intended to be as effective on winter surfaces as studded Nordic tires. The model was first introduced in 2015 as Pirelli sought to improve its position in the market for winter tires in Nordic countries.

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One of the key features of the Pirelli Ice Zero FR is its 3D sipes, which are a dense network of sipes that have a three-dimensional configuration. These sipes are designed to improve the braking properties of the tire and provide maximum stability during sudden changes in direction, making the tire well-suited to snowy surfaces.

In addition to its performance on snow, the Pirelli Ice Zero FR is also designed to offer excellent performance at very low temperatures, thanks to its rubber compound with high silica content. This allows the tire to remain effective in a wide range of winter weather conditions, -58°F to 45°F.

One of the standout features of the Pirelli Ice Zero FR is its acoustic comfort, which has been declared one of the best in class. The tire's tread design, with narrow and soft shoulder areas, reduces transverse tire stiffness, increasing the contact surface with the road and creating a square contact patch profile that improves traction on winter roads, particularly during braking.

In terms of road test results, the Pirelli Ice Zero FR performed well in the 2020 Nordic and Studded Winter Tire Test. Overall, the tire placed 10th out of 21 models tested. In the dry braking category, it placed 8th, while in the wet braking category, it placed 19th. The tire fared better in the wet handling category, placing 8th, and it performed well in the snow categories, with a 10th place finish in snow braking, a 13th place finish in snow handling, and a 4th place finish in snow traction. In the ice categories, the tire placed 13th in ice braking and 5th in ice handling, with an 11th-place finish in ice traction. In terms of inside noise level, the Pirelli Ice Zero FR performed exceptionally well, placing first out of all the models tested. Finally, in the rolling resistance category, the tire placed 8th.

Overall, the Pirelli Ice Zero FR is a solid choice for drivers in urban or suburban areas who are looking for a winter tire that is effective on snowy surfaces and offers excellent performance in a wide range of winter weather conditions. Its 3D sipes provide good braking and stability on snowy roads, while its tread design and rubber compound make it suitable for use at very low temperatures. The tire also offers exceptional acoustic comfort and a good level of rolling resistance. While it didn't perform as well as some other models in the wet braking category, it still placed well overall in the 2020 Nordic and Studded Winter Tire Test.

In this article, we using data collected from numerous daily drivers reviews along with professional automotive journalists road tests. This guide shows computed data charts and information about Ice Zero FR performance in different road conditions.

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