Chery wheels and tires size charts

Find out what stock and aftemarket wheels and tires fit your Chery model

Choose vehicle model to get rim size, stock and oem tire size, bolt patterns (PCD), wheels offset and tire pressure.

A: A1A13A3A5AikaAliaAmuletAraucaArrizo 3Arrizo 5Arrizo 5 PlusArrizo 5eArrizo 6Arrizo 6 ProArrizo 7Arrizo 7eArrizo 8Arrizo eArrizo GXArrizo M7
B: B14BeatBonusBonus 3
C: CelerCieloCowinCowin1Cowin2Cowin3CristalCrossEastar
D: Destiny
E: E3E5E8EastarEastar STElara
e: eQeQ1eQ5
F: FaceForaFulwinFulwin 2
G: Grand TigerGrand Tiggo
H: H5
i: iCar
I: IndiS
i: iQ
J: J1J11J2J3J5Jaggi
K: K60Kimo
L: Little Ant
M: M11Maxime
N: Nice
O: Omoda 5Orinoco
P: P10Practivan Karry
Q: QQ22Q22LQQQQ Ice CreamQQ3QQ6QQme
S: S-18S21S22SkinSweet
T: TiggoTiggo 2Tiggo 2 ProTiggo 3Tiggo 3 ProTiggo 3XTiggo 3x PlusTiggo 3xeTiggo 4Tiggo 4 ProTiggo 5Tiggo 5xTiggo 5x PlusTiggo 5x ProTiggo 7Tiggo 7 PlusTiggo 7 ProTiggo 8Tiggo 8 PlusTiggo 8 ProTiggo 8 Pro MaxTiggo eTiggo FLTranscabTranscarTranscom
V: V5 CrossoverVery
X: X1XCross
Y: YokiYoyaYoyo

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