Daihatsu wheels and tires size charts

Find out what stock and aftemarket wheels and tires fit your Daihatsu model

Choose vehicle model to get rim size, stock and oem tire size, bolt patterns (PCD), wheels offset and tire pressure.

A: AltisApplauseAtraiAtrai 7Atrai WagonAyla
B: Be-GoBoonBoon Luminas
C: Cast ActivaCast SportCast StyleCharadeCooCopenCuore
D: Delta WagonDelta Wide
E: Esse
F: Feroza
G: Gran MaxGran Move
H: Hi-MaxHijetHijet CaddieHijet Truck
L: LeezaLuxio
M: MateriaMaxMebiusMiraMira AvyMira CocoaMira CustomMira e:SMira GinoMira Gino 1000Mira TocotMoveMove CanbusMove ConteMove Conte CustomMove CustomMove Latte
N: Naked
O: Opti
P: Pyzar
R: RockyRugger
S: SigraSirionSonicaStoria
T: TaftTantoTanto CustomTanto ExeTanto Exe CustomTeriosTerios KidTerios LuciaThorThor CustomTrevis
W: Wake
X: Xenia

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