Ferrari wheels and tires size charts

Find out what stock and aftemarket wheels and tires fit your Ferrari model

Choose vehicle model to get rim size, stock and oem tire size, bolt patterns (PCD), wheels offset and tire pressure.

2: 296 GTB296 GTS
3: 348 GTB348 GTS348 Spider348 tb348 ts360 Challenge Stradale360 Modena360 Spider
4: 456458 Italia458 Speciale458 Speciale A458 Spider488 GTB488 Pista488 Pista Spider488 Spider
5: 512 TR550 Barchetta Pininfarina550 Maranello575M Maranello575M Superamerica599 GTB Fiorano
6: 612 Scaglietti
8: 812 GTS812 Superfast
C: CaliforniaCalifornia T
D: Daytona SP3
E: Enzo
F: F12 BerlinettaF12tdfF355 BerlinettaF355 GTSF355 SpiderF430F430 SpiderF512 MF8 SpiderF8 TributoFF
G: GTC4Lusso
L: LaFerrariLaFerrari Aperta
M: Monza SP1Monza SP2
P: PortofinoPortofino M
R: Roma
S: SF90 SpiderSF90 Stradale

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