Geely wheels and tires size charts

Find out what stock and aftemarket wheels and tires fit your Geely model

Choose vehicle model to get rim size, stock and oem tire size, bolt patterns (PCD), wheels offset and tire pressure.

A: Atlas
B: BinruiBinyueBorui GEBoyue
C: Chinese DragonCK
E: EmgrandEmgrand 7Emgrand 8 / EC8Emgrand EC7Emgrand EVEmgrand GLEmgrand GSEmgrand GSeEmgrand X7Englon C5Englon TX4
G: GC 515GC2GC5GC6GC7GC9Golden EagleGX2GX3GX7GX9
J: Jiaji
L: LCLC Cross
M: MKMK CrossMybo
O: Otaka
V: VisionVision S1Vision SUVVision X1Vision X3
X: Xingyue
Y: You Li Ou

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