Genesis G90 wheel and tire size by years

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Genesis G90
2022 - 2023

II (RS4)
Body styles:


Genesis G90
2018 - 2022

I (HI) Facelift
Body styles:


Genesis G90
2016 - 2019

I (HI)
Body styles:


Common Genesis G90 tire sizes:

For more accurate info please select the production year above

Compare tire sizes in our Genesis G90 tire size calculator

245/50R19 vs 245/45ZR20 275/40R19 vs 275/35R20 245/50R18 vs 245/45R19 275/35ZR20 vs 285/35ZR20 245/50ZR18 vs 245/45ZR19

What is the bolt pattern on a Genesis G90?

Genesis G90 bolt pattern is 5x114.3 for model years 2016-2022

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