Mazda wheels and tires size charts

Find out what stock and aftemarket wheels and tires fit your Mazda model

Choose vehicle model to get rim size, stock and oem tire size, bolt patterns (PCD), wheels offset and tire pressure.

1: 121
3: 323
6: 626
9: 929
A: AllegroAtenzaAxelaAZ OffroadAZ WagonAZ-1AZ-3
B: B-SeriesBianteBongo Brawny VanBongo FriendeeBongo TruckBongo VanBongo WagonBravoBT-50
C: CapellaCarolClefCronosCX-3CX-30CX-30 EVCX-4CX-5CX-50CX-60CX-7CX-8CX-9
D: Demio
E: Efini MPVEfini MS-6Efini MS-8Efini MS-9Efini RX-7Eunos 100Eunos 300Eunos 500Eunos 800Eunos CargoEunos CosmoEunos Presso
F: FamiliaFamilia VanFlairFlair CrossoverFlair Custom StyleFlair WagonFlair Wagon Custom StyleFlair Wagon Tough Style
L: LantisLaputaLuce
M: Mazda2Mazda2 HybridMazda3Mazda3 MPSMazda5Mazda6Mazda6 MPSMazda8MazdaSpeed 3MazdaSpeed 6MazdaSpeed AxelaMilleniaMPVMX-3MX-30MX-5MX-5 MiataMX-5 Miata RFMX-5 RFMX-6
P: PremacyProceedProceed LevanteProceed MarvieProtegeProtege5
R: RevueRoadsterRoadster RFRX-7RX-8
S: Savanna RX-7Scrum TruckScrum VanScrum WagonSentiaSpiano
T: Tribute
V: Verisa

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