Mercedes-Benz wheels and tires size charts

Find out what stock and aftemarket wheels and tires fit your Mercedes-Benz model

Choose vehicle model to get rim size, stock and oem tire size, bolt patterns (PCD), wheels offset and tire pressure.

1: 190
B: B-Class
C: C-ClassC-Class AMGCitanCL-ClassCL-Class AMGCLA-ClassCLA-Class AMGCLC-ClassCLK-ClassCLK-Class AMGCLS-ClassCLS-Class AMG
E: E-ClassE-Class AMGE-Class CabrioletE-Class CoupeEQC
G: G-ClassG-Class AMGGL-ClassGL-Class AMGGLA-ClassGLA-Class AMGGLC-ClassGLC-Class AMGGLC-Class CoupeGLC-Class Coupe AMGGLE-ClassGLE-Class AMGGLE-Class CoupeGLE-Class Coupe AMGGLK-ClassGLS-ClassGLS-Class AMG
M: M-ClassM-Class AMGMarco PoloMetris
R: R-ClassR-Class AMG
S: S-ClassS-Class AMGS-Class CabrioS-Class Cabrio AMGS-Class CoupeS-Class Coupe AMGSL-ClassSL-Class AMGSLC-ClassSLC-Class AMGSLK-ClassSLK-Class AMGSLR-ClassSLS-Class AMGSprinter
T: T1T2
V: V-ClassVaneoVianoVito
W: W123W124
X: X-Class

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