Mitsubishi wheels and tires size charts

Find out what stock and aftemarket wheels and tires fit your Mitsubishi model

Choose vehicle model to get rim size, stock and oem tire size, bolt patterns (PCD), wheels offset and tire pressure.

3: 3000 GT
A: AirtrekAspireASXAttrage
B: Bravo
C: CarismaChallengerChariotChariot GrandisColtColt CZCColt Plus
D: DebonairDebonair VDelica D:2Delica D:3Delica D:5Delica Space GearDelica Star WagonDelica VanDiamanteDiamante WagonDignityDingoDion
E: EclipseEclipse CrossEclipse Spider
e: eK ActiveeK ClassyeK CustomeK SpaceeK Space CustomeK SporteK WagoneK X
E: EmeraudeEndeavorEternaEterna SavaEterna Sigma
G: GalantGalant FortisGalant Fortis SportbackGalant SigmaGalant SportsGrand LancerGrandisGTO
i: ii-MiEV
J: Jeep
L: L200L300LancerLancer CargoLancer CediaLancer Cedia WagonLancer EvolutionLancer FortisLancer WagonLegnumLibero
M: MagnaMavenMinicaMinica ToppoMinicab MiEVMinicab TruckMinicab VanMirageMirage AstiMirage G4MonteroMontero Sport
N: Nativa
O: OutlanderOutlander Sport
P: PajeroPajero iOPajero JrPajero MiniPajero PininPajero SportPistachioProudia
R: RaiderRVRRVR Roadest
S: ShogunShogun SportSigmaSpace GearSpace RunnerSpace StarSpace WagonStarionStrada
T: ToppoToppo BJToppo BJ WideTown BoxTown Box WideTriton
V: Verada
X: Xpander

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