Subaru wheels and tires size charts

Find out what stock and aftemarket wheels and tires fit your Subaru model

Choose vehicle model to get rim size, stock and oem tire size, bolt patterns (PCD), wheels offset and tire pressure.

A: AlcyoneAscent
B: BajaBRZ
C: ChiffonChiffon CustomColumbussCrosstrek
D: DexDias WagonDomingo
E: E seriesEstrattoEvoltisExigaExiga Crossover 7
F: Forester
I: ImprezaImpreza AnesisImpreza G4Impreza SportImpreza WRXImpreza WRX STIImpreza XV
J: Justy
L: LegacyLegacy B4Legacy Grand WagonLegacy LancasterLegacy OutbackLegacy Touring WagonLeoneLevorgLiberoLibertyLucraLucra Custom
O: Outback
P: PleoPleo CustomPleo NestaPleo Plus
R: R1R2Rex
S: Sambar DiasSambar TruckSambar TrySambar VanSolterraStellaStella CustomSumoSVX
T: TraviqTreziaTribeca
V: VivioVivio Bistro
X: XTXT6XVXV Crosstrek

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